【closed】Experience of Japanese traditional cultures

Experience of Japanese traditional cultures
Host: Japanese Traditional Culture Association

We provide Japanese unique experiences by our professional team. Please join us for trying various kind of cultures at the same floor. You’re very welcome to invite your families and friends.

Date: April 7th, Sunday 1pm~5pm ( Free in-and-out)
Place:Shonan Crystal Hotel 4th floor
Entrance fee: 0 yen

【The professional members】
〇IKEBANA ( Japanese flower arrangement) by Risho Seo
Arrange 3-5 pieces of flowers with wearing Kimono
〇IKEBANA and table decorating by Seika Ata
Share Japanese ideal decoration for tables
〇SAKE sampling and by George Ezawa
Enjoy unexpectable matching with something foods
〇Beauty and Healthy, SAKE lees by Kasuko Sake
Skin care with SAKE lees. Recipes for strengthening your immune system with Sake lees which is fermented super food in Japan.
〇Tea Ceremony Experience by Nami Tanaka
Learn the spirit of Japanese hospitality from essence of Tea Ceremony
〇Food arts experience with cartoon lunch box by Noriko Tominaga
We’ll teach tips for creation of adorable Bento with enjoying conversations.
〇Japanese calligraphy by Kiju Himi
Your name will be Japanese unisonant character and practice calligraphy.
〇Kimono Experience by Yuko Kinoshita
Japanese traditional and beautiful clothing, Kimono
〇Rickshaw by Tsutomu Sato
Riding the modern vehicle which is working with man power.






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